Offering a Referral Bonus

How it works:
Make $2,000 If Your Referral Gets Hired!
1. The referral you were accredited for gets hired by a company through us
2. The referral’s employment successfully completes the length of stay term with the company
3. We send you a W-9 to be filled out, and we send you a check for $2K! (typically 30-90 days)

Tips for Finding /Sending Good Referrals

To help increase your chance of getting the big payout of a hired referral, we want to let you know what a good referral is in our eyes

Who We Are Looking For:

• Relevant technology experience and a computer science degree
• Good stays at previous employers. We get it, everyone makes mistakes and there might be a short stint or two, but we want to see the commitment to most previous employers, at least a couple years duration at previous companies. We do full time, direct hires only, so we are not a good match for contractors/consultants.
• Experience at good companies. Either early stage startup companies, or successful product based companies, preferable from a relevant industry. Typically we cannot get excited about a profile of someone who has been working for a consulting, services, or outsourcing company.
• Good communication. In addition to having a good background, a good referral needs to do well in an interview. That means communicating effectively throughout the process. Good communication also include being responsive to follow-ups, emails, calls, etc in order to keep the process moving forward

Where to look:

• Our best referrals are NOT actively looking. If you know someone whose experience is a good fit, let us know! Even if you have no idea if he/she is looking, we want to speak with him/her. Leave the rest to us.
• Feel free to send us a referral under the veil of confidentiality: We don’t have to inform him/her that you referred them if you prefer.
• Previous or current colleagues you have or currently work with. Who did you work on a project with that really held their own, gained your respect, are smart and diligent?
• Hackathons, meetups, conferences. We love people who are active in the developer community. If you met someone who has the right background and skill, let us know!
• Linkedin network. Who have you connected to in the past who might be a good fit? You can even do a keyword search to see anyone in your 1st degree network who might be relevant. If you are connected to them as a 1st degree connection you should also have access to their email address on their profile page.
• Your next door neighbor, a friend at the gym, someone you met at a dinner event or function who you feel would be a solid candidate.

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