Your Career Upgrade

Trail Creek Technology powers your job search with engineered precision. We realize you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the hundreds of calls, emails with irrelevant jobs, or companies with un-innovative products. We separate ourselves from the recruiting field, vast a cut above the rest by taking a personalized approach. We try to make sure the position and company pitched is something up your alley, and of worthwhile merit with tremendous potential.

How We Facilitate

We understand you are immersed in producing quality work, and your job isn’t to answer calls and take interviews. In taking just a few minutes to express your strengths, desires and parameters for a new position, we can hit the ground running for you. We work around your schedule, and present opportunities only which meet and exceed your criteria. Making the introduction for you at a company you desire is only the first step.

How We Work For You

We make sure your name and profile is seen and reviewed by the hiring manager, follow up for feedback, and set up interviews for you. We don’t just throw you to the wolves, but give you the best chance to be prepared in the interview process to ensure the right fit. We also realize that in negotiating the best possible offer you will be excited, motivated, and ready to give your new company 110%

How We Do It

You may likely have been contacted by us regarding a position we think is well suited for your experience. Or, we may have reached out because you seem to be well connected to strong referrals. Either way, hear us out. We value your time and you just never know what doors might open.
• If we discuss a particular position/company, don’t be afraid to ask what else is out there.
• If you are not actively looking, but continue to keep your eyes open for the right opportunity, let us know. We can keep you apprised of positions that are aligned with your experience, companies that interest you or are onto the next big thing.
• Lastly, if you know you want to find the next step in your career sooner than later we can activate a lead based each on your behalf which requires no money and virtually no time on your part.

Not Looking, But Know Someone Who Is?

We offer a generous referral fee for every hired candidate you refer to us, See more details under referrals.
If you know someone skilled who might be interested in looking at new opportunities, please connect us. Even if we don’t have an appropriate fit today, tomorrow’s new positions may be exactly what he/she has always wanted.