Your Company’s Growth

Trail Creek Technology is founded on the belief that a better experience, and more tailored approach to recruiting exists. Trail Creek Technology is here for your company. No matter if you are a seed funded startup or an F50 company, we will be successful together. We are the right recruitment firm to get you the employees you need. With an extensive private database, amazing referral networks, social networks, and smart staff, finding precisely the right people for your team is just another day in the office.

Our Specialty

Our niche is in Technical Recruitment for Tech Startups. Our client base includes companies in E-Commerce, Big Data, Analytics, Mobile, Cloud, Digital Media, Content Marketing, Health and Wellness, Lot Security, and more. We recruit for positions including C-Level Executives, Engineering Managers, Front End to Back End Developers, DevOps, QAs, Designers, Sales Engineers, and more, each encompassing the technology spectrum.

If you are not actively looking for new employees but want to be updated periodically of difference makers that will help your company succeed, let us know. We keep you informed of the amazing talent we see fit for you.


What We Do For You

At Trail Creek Technology, we believe, in quality and efficiency over quantity. Here’s an example of what we provide our clients:

Time taken upfront to understand your position requirements and company

All interviews coordinated for you, and calendar invites included

Pre-screened candidates tailored to your technical, location and salary needs

Provide feedback, debriefs and valuable information needed to decide next steps

Resumes sent with notes to help you decide on the candidate

Reference checks, offer negotiations and delivered acceptance letters in a timely manner


We Offer Options

We offer three options to cater to your needs:

Contingency Recruitment:
Our services are free until we find and sign that perfect hire for you. The fee for service, be it percentage or flat fee based, can be seen as an investment in the future of your company. The candidate’s ramp-up period comes with a guarantee.

Retained Recruitment:
This is a discounted contingency service with a twist. In getting discounted percentage or flat rate, a portion is paid up front and the position is granted exclusively to Trail Creek Technology. This is often a good choice when there may be additional similar positions that need to be filled. Your company will enjoy additional savings when you bundle timely hires. Each candidate’s employment comes with a guarantee.

In-House Recruitment:
This is based on your big picture recruiting goals, and a weekly/hourly commitment to you. This is a good choice when your company needs to scale and needs a consistent flow of candidates as well as direction with how to best manage the process. We commit to only one client at a time, so if considering this option, please contact us right away for mutual scheduling and available dates.